Fill in 4 simple data about your installation
and get an accurate report

Your address and postcode (Ex : 4 Queen Street – BS15 8AZ Bristol)

Your installation's peak power (Ex : 3 kWp)

The orientation of your roof (Ex : 180° South). A compass located on the map will help you to figure out the orientation of your pannels.

The slope of your roof (Ex : 20°). If you do not know what the slope of your roof is, WatchMyPV will help you to calculate it using a simple methode..

Maintain your investment profitability
and make your installation last longuer.

Technical data (peak power, orientation, slope, ...) are usually mentioned on your installation's contract. If you cannot retrieve those information, we will provide you will a document that will enable you to calculate it yourself.

You can also get even more precise reports if you fill in some additionnal parameters about your installation : module integration, photovoltaic cells...

You only need 5 minutes to ensure
the smooth functioning of your solar PV installation.

On a regular basis, each month for example, during the evening, you check your generation meter reading, and enter it on your WatchMyPV account.

On the next day morning, you will be able to see your performance's analysis. Indeed, it takes the night for WatchMyPV to analyses our satellite's radiation data and compare it to your installation's production.

Your checks' dates as well as the results are stored in your account, you are therefore able to follow your installation performance evolution.

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