How does WatchMyPV work ?

Once you have fill in your profile, WatchMyPV register your address precisely as well as you installation's technical data.

Every night, WatchMyPV analyses the weather images for your installation that are taken by our satellite during the day.

Our expertise enable us to calculate in real time what your installation should have been producing, taking into account :

  • the solar radiation received by your solar pannels
  • the temperature
  • shades from faraway obstacles (hills, ...).

WatchMyPV then compares what you should have produced with your panels actual production that you entered on your account.

Depending on how big a difference there is, WatchMyPV gives your installation a grade that represents your installation's performance. Then, depending on the grade, you can either act if there is an issue or be reassured everything is running smoothly...

If you have kept them carefully, you can also enter previous meter readings of your PV production . We can calculate your installatation’s performance as far as January 1st, 2010, as long as the time period between each meter reading does not exceed 45 days.

Follow up of your installation's performance

Your checks and results will be stored in your WatchMyPV account.

A graph will show your installation performance evolution.

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